Believe in Your Infinite Potential
I have worked with many mentors and coaches over the last ten years, but I have never experienced such an intelligent, adaptive, and insightful person as Laura. The experience helped me learn to adapt and reprogram my thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. With Laura’s help, guidance, and knowledge I have managed to change the experience I have of life itself. I have found something really special, and that is me.
Tim Lodge

My thoughts used to be an endless stream of negativity and anger, but with Laura’s help I’ve become a lot more self-aware and have made changes in my life that I’ve previously only dreamt about. I have gained so much insight into myself and it’s had a positive impact on every aspect of my life. The sessions were a great investment.
Luke Bell

Laura is a generous, caring human who shares her passion for impacting personal growth and positive change. There are not many people that I can have such a personal conversation with, and who think in line with the evolution I am seeking. She is a compassionate listener, who kindly and humorously encourages helpful shifts in perspective by offering new angles of perception. Laura provided light-hearted nudges to help surface insight and the energy healing provided visceral release. Laura is grounded, balanced, and uplifting in her approach as a guide and healer. Thank you for the care, energy, and love that you share. Thanks for sharing the light.
Michelle Chua

Laura was recommended to me by a friend when I was going through a hard time. All aspects of my life were out of balance and I was finding it hard to cope, with work, family, relationships, and the lockdown. Laura was so warm and understanding and I signed up for her energy and mindset program, which I cannot recommend enough. Working with Laura has truly been amazing and life changing. She has helped me to make small changes which have had a massive impact on my quality of life. Laura gave me the tools I needed to positively change the way I think, and I am so grateful to her. I could not have found a better person for this role. I am amazed at how far I have come, how much I now value myself, and I feel like a different person.
Poppy Blunt

Laura has an innate way of tuning into you and your needs. She can read you, has amazing intuition and has a direct but kind approach. Laura helps you on your path without judgment and empowers you to believe in yourself. The sessions help you to see that you have all the answers within you. It has been a wonderful experience working with such a caring, intuitive, funny, and supportive, mentor and teacher.
Sarah Hatswell

I cannot recommend Laura enough. Following the loss of my Dad I contacted Laura for help with stress and sleep problems. Her intuition is unbelievable, and I feel that she really connects with you. I quickly experienced a changed and more positive outlook and Laura opened my mind to a different way of thinking. The healing process for everyone is an individual journey and I believe Laura is a truly inspirational, positive, and bright person to help you on that journey.
Alison Jacobs

I injured my knee running and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. I had energy healing sessions on Zoom and was really surprised how much they helped. It was amazing, I could really feel the energy flowing through me! Dealing with Laura was a pleasure; you can tell she loves what she does. The support and aftercare given is brilliant. I highly recommend her.
Jason King

What Laura possesses is a gift. She has an incredible ability to guide you to a more positive outlook and emotional space. I had energy healing sessions on Zoom, and it had the same impact as if Laura was in the room with me. The energy healing is immediate relief, but her insights and knowledge are something that will stay with you and help you forever.
Danielle Overs

My experience with Laura was a revelation. One week before a singing performance I contacted Laura for help with anxiety and stage fear. The sessions were relaxing and had an immediate effect. I felt more positive and better equipped to face my fears. Laura taught me techniques and practices and I was better able to deal with my nerves and was very happy at the end of my performance. Thank you Laura!
Rajasi Vaidya-Lohokare

I had a Zoom energy healing session with Laura to help me with anxiety and I felt a massive weight lift from my chest. After the session I felt calmer and more grounded. It was a highly beneficial healing space with Laura. Thank you.
Sabrina Naqvi

I had my first session with Laura today. It was split between mindset coaching and energy healing. If you need support to change your mindset then give Laura a shout; she is wonderful. Thank you Laura for all your support.
David Quinney


Laura guided me through a reading that was clear and deeply relevant to me. I came to her not knowing how to move forward with a situation. I felt stuck and the Zoom session literally blew the mist from my eyes and revealed exactly what I needed to break the impasse. It really feels like Laura knows without hesitation what it is that you need. Laura gave clear, thoughtful guidance, and I am very grateful and thankful.
Katie Allen

Laura is really warm and personable and has an engaging communication style. She was great fun to work with and was able to explain the reading in a way that made the cards come alive. I genuinely found that the reading was accurate and personal to me, and it reinforced thoughts and feelings that I had already been having, giving me the confidence to move forward with plans that I otherwise may have procrastinated over. There were insights which directly spoke to me and after the reading I felt elevated and empowered. I would definitely recommend Laura, especially to those who may be sceptical about readings.
Richard Clements

I had never had a reading before, and I was actually a little nervous. The thought of the unknown and not knowing what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Laura has such a nice energy it makes you relax straight away. It was a very fun, up lifting experience. It opened my mind to where I was in my life and what I wanted next. The reading guided me on how to get there and gave me reassurance I didn’t even know I needed.
Poppy Blunt

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